Repair of Kolasin railroad: Speed is now 80 km/h, the project costed 5 million euros

Within the project Growing Together 3 Portal “Analitika” presents IPA projects that are completed or are in the final stage, and are intended to demonstrate how important it is for our country to use the IPA funds for the further development of all segments of our society. One of them is the project "Repair of railroad Vrbnica-Bar, part Trebaljevo-Kolasin"

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Reconstruction of the part of the railway road from crossroad Trebaljevo to the station Kolasin, including the overhaul of four tracks in the station Kolasin, was the first "pilot project" implemented by the Railway Infrastructure of Montenegro, through the donation of the EU Delegation in our country. The project is intended to improve the conditions within railway infrastructure of the railroad Trebaljevo-Kolasin and station Kolašin.

With the reconstruction of railroad Trebaljevo-Kolasin, now it is ensured that traffic operates at a speed of 80 kilometres per hour. The final agreement – Certificate of the completion of the project was signed on 25 June this year between the contractor, supervision and Railway infrastructure.


Almost all of the planned funds were spent: The entire project is completed and implemented in accordance with the international rules and, 4.993.312 Euros was spent out of five millions of approved assistance.

With the reconstruction the upper part of the railroad Trebaljevo-Kolasin, a complete new material is embedded (rails, sleepers, railway accessories, ballast, turns, part of the equipment for the contact network and signalling devices on the switches).

Within the project, 8.6 kilometres of open tracks, from Trebaljevo to Kolasin, was repaired, at the station in Kolasin, four cell tracks of the total length of 2.8 kilometers were repaired and seven new turns were built. 

Regarding the reconstruction implementation, the project was very demanding because the work was performed within seven tunnels with a total length of 4.74 kilometres and nine bridges in total length of 1.04 kilometres, respectively, from 8.6 kilometres open tracks for overhaul, 5,78 kilometres were within bridges and in tunnels, or 67 percent of the railroad covered by the project.


Participants of the project: The investor was the Delegation of the EU to Montenegro, which provided a donation of five million euros. The work was performed by company "CLF" Italy, with subcontractors: "ZGOP" Novi Sad for construction works and for electrical proceedings "Minel contact network" and "Galeb" for signalling safety devices and telecommunications. Supervision by FIDIC standards was made by the Institute for Construction Podgorica.

For the preparation of project, implementation and construction, Railway infrastructure has provided a major project (developed by the Institute IPSA from Sarajevo and Audited by the Transportation Institute CIP from Belgrade), as well as technical specifications by the rules of preparation within international tenders. In cooperation with EU consultants, the project was implemented according to the international rules and regulations "PRAG" and "FIDIC" and "Conditions of Contract for Construction".

During the work, Railway infrastructure has provided the conditions for the smooth operation: for the contractor of the operations and railway operators to freely perform railway transport for both passengers and weight, according to the current timetable.


Benefits of the project: EU donation of five million Euros enabled savings in the state budget, and in doing so we got safe and secure ride and a short journey from Trebaljevo-Kolasin. The benefits are lower repair and maintenance costs at the expense of Railway Infrastructure of Montenegro and in addition we have better conditions of reception and handling of passengers at the station Kolasin, because through this donation station in Kolasin was repaired. Tourist town in the north of Montenegro has received a modern waiting room, internet station, parking area and two crossings made of the rubber panels over rut for travellers for safe access toplatform.

From the total of five million Euros approved, an amount of 200,000 Euros was approved by the EU for the reconstruction of plateau and crossing over the tracks at the station Kolasin, as well as the procurement of materials for regular maintenance: thresholds, gravel, spare parts for switches and railway track sets etc.

With capital projects such as this, conditions for safe and regular rail traffic are created, travel time is shortened and it is an important part of the planning for the continuation of part of the railroad Vrbnica-Bar.


Nikola Dragas

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