Maritime Safety Department: The End of the project VTMIS in October

The Ministry of Transport and Maritime Affairs - Maritime Safety Department within the project IPA 2011 started with the installation of equipment to monitor and manage maritime traffic, and VTMIS (Vessel Traffic Monitoring Information System). For the VTMIS project, a total of 1,832,432 euroshad been invested so far, while for the purchase of equipment for emergency response in the case of pollution, 931,547 euros is spent and completion of the project is expected in October, stated the Maritime Safety Department for Portal Analytics.

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Within the project Growing Together 3 Portal “Analitika” presents IPA projects that are completed or are in the final stage, and are intended to demonstrate how important it is for our country to use the IPA funds for the further development of all segments of our society.

Enabling conditions for safe sailing is of a direct importance for the citizens of Montenegro who live on the coast, while the increase in maritime traffic will influence the further development of nautical tourism.

The project of establishing ''System for monitoring and managing of maritime traffic and protecting the sea from pollution from vessels" (Vessel Traffic Monitoring and Information System - VTMIS and response to marine pollution incidents) was implemented by the Ministry of Maritime and Transport and Maritime safety department.

-Establishing this project comprised of a number of activities that costed 3.5 million euros and were financed by the European Union in the amount of 80 percent (2.8 million euros), while co-financing was provided by the Ministry of Transport and Maritime Affairs of Montenegro in the amount of 20 percent (700,000 euros), stated Maritime safety department for the Portal Analytics.

For the project VTMIS, so far, a total of 1,832,432 euros has been invested, while for the purchase of equipment for emergency response in case of pollution 931,547 euros has been spent.

End of the VTMIS in October

Prepartions for the project began in 2010. Equipment for emergency response in case of sea pollution was acquired in 2013, while the completion of the project VTMIS is expected in October 2015.

-VTMIS system, or a system for monitoring and managing maritime traffic is being implemented in order to improve maritime safety, efficiency of maritime traffic and protection of the marine area, as it is explained for Portal Analytics from the Maritime Safety department.

After the planning documents were successfully implemented on 5 August 2014, the Department obtained a construction permit for sensor location Obosnik on the Lustica peninsula. Construction work started in early September, which had to include construction of concrete platforms required for antenna tower radar, operating container and other sensory equipment.

Within already prepared base and drawn-out installation and infrastructure elements, in October the final stage of mounting equipmentapproached, which, among others, included: modern radar sensor, AIS base station, VHF simplex transceivers, VHF duplex transceivers, meteorological and hydrological sensors and radio direction finder.

Especially delicate operation was mounting a radar antenna on the tower as evidenced by the following pictures in the appendix. Identical equipment will be located at the two sensor locations in Dobra Voda, in Bar.

Creating conditions for safe sailing is of direct importance for the citizens of Montenegro who live in the coastal regions. This will affect the increase in maritime traffic and further development of nautical tourism in Montenegro, which will have a positive impact on the economy of Montenegro, as it is concluded from the Maritime Safety Department.


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