The EU has invested over 10 millions in the town of Danilovgrad

Since 2006, the European Union has invested over 10 million euros in Danilovgrad, through grants. The Municipality of Danilovgrad has realized in time that without quality projects, grants cannot be provided, particularly from the EU IPA funds.

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Back in 2009, within the framework of local government, a project management team was formed, composed of young, educated and ambitious people, backed by the experience of older colleagues. Shortly after its formation, and after numerous trainings and established partnerships, the first results arrived, Project Coordinator Darko Mrvaljević says to Portal Analitika.

One of the most important projects of local government, supported by the European Union through the IPA funds, was "Improving Waste Management in the Municipality of Danilovgrad". The project was co-financed through a grant scheme for small municipal infrastructure projects. The total value of the project was 1.019.345 Euros, out of which the amount of the EU grant is 682,961 Euros, while the rest was provided by the Government of Montenegro, Danilovgrad Municipality, and Public Utility Service of Danilovgrad.

- The main purpose of the project was the sustainable socio-economic development of the municipality of Danilovgrad, through improvement of public utility services. The specific objective of the project is to establish a functional system of selective collection and disposal of waste in the municipality of Danilovgrad, says Mrvaljević.

The expected project results were, among other things, strengthened technical and management capacities of "Komunalno" Danilovgrad in the field of selective waste collection and disposal. Thus, the Municipality of Danilovgrad managed to get 6 vehicles, 14 containers size of 5m3, 104 containers of 1,1m3 and 104 bins for selective waste collection and the establishment of Info call center;

Selective waste disposal: In addition, the project managed to improve public utility infrastructure in the area of selective waste by enabling 40 additional locations for selective waste collection, which has resulted in increased awareness of citizens and businesses on selective waste collection through the creation and distribution of educational materials, lectures in educational institutions and actions of cleaning the town.

The Municipality of Danilovgrad has also implemented a system of selective collection and disposal of waste that covers machine washing and cleaning of streets and rehabilitation of illegal landfills.

- The project was implemented from 2011 to 2013. After its implementation, we can say that the project justified the invested funds. In addition to waste collection, the Public utility Company was enabled for other, very important communal activities, thanks to the strengthened technical, personnel and physical facilities, says Mrvaljević for Portal Analitika.

In 2013 alone, during the action of collecting bulky waste, over 1,000 cubic meters was collected from around 300 locations throughout the municipality, and in total, in 2014, 33 percent more waste than in 2011 was collected and deposited, before the beginning of project realization.

Apart from purchased vehicles, containers and buckets, as well as new waste disposal sites, the construction of a recycling yard and reconstruction of the administrative building of utility company with an Info call center, were also significant investments. 

In a once rundown building, a new structural system was completed consisting of reinforced concrete columns, horizontal and vertical ring beams, floor joists, a roof and the interior layout of the building area of 214 m² (P + 1) in accordance with the main project. The Info call center for communication with users of municipal services is located in the building next to the administration of the Company. The administrative building was fully equipped with furniture and IT equipment, thanks to the project.

Recycling yard project: On a plot of 650 m², a recycling yard was built with a constructive system of metal structures and sandwich panels measuring 185 square meters. The surrounding terrain was regulated, fencing was set and the courtyard area was paved.

- Significant attention was given to the educational activities and to the promotion of the project. Therefore, 23 workshops were held in 8 educational institutions in Danilovgrad which were attended by 1,039 students, as well as more cleaning actions were organized with participation of citizens, says Mrvaljević.

According to him, the Municipality of Danilovgrad realized in time that, without quality projects, funding cannot be granted, especially from the IPA funds of the European Union.

Municipal employees have demonstrated that with quality work and administrative efficiency they have the capacity for large projects.

- The Municipality of Danilovgrad is trying to impress its European partners with its seriousness, professionalism and respect of strict European rules and procedures. On the other hand, the European Union Delegation to Montenegro has provided full support and valuable advice, therefore developing the administrative and absorption capacities of our local government before, during, and after project implementation. In this way we create trust that builds through the successful implementation of projects of importance to all citizens of our municipality, summarizes Mrvaljević.

The fact that the Erupean Union has invested more than 10 million euros through grants in the municipality of Danilovgrad, since the restoration of Montenegro's independence, says enough about it.


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