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Nevjerovatna transformacija bivše teniserke

Nekadašnja teniserka, Jelena Dokić, doživjela je nevjerovatnu transformaciju.
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U jesen 2018. Dokić je imala 120 kilograma, ali danas, nepunih godinu dana kasnije, izgleda prelijepo. 

Uz pomoć posebnog programa za mršavljenje uspjela se spustiti na 66 kilograma. Skoro duplo manje nego prošle godine.

S programom je počela jer je patila od depresije.


Transformation!!! This a 6 month progress before and after photo. Over 30 kgs lost and I am half way. My journey continues and I am very happy with what I have been able to achieve so far but there is still a lot of work to be done. I know that getting down to my optimal weight and losing the rest of the weight won’t be easy and it will get tougher from here as I get closer to my goal weight but I am extremely motivated and confident as I know I have @jennycraigausnz by my side and supporting me all the way. I just want to say a big thank you to everyone at @jennycraigausnz .Your support,care and understanding has helped me get this far and I am grateful for everything that the whole team at @jennycraigausnz has done to help me especially in the tough times. It’s a lot more than losing weight but also getting fit,healthy and most importantly happy. Even though I have been on @jennycraigausnz now for 6 months I still can’t believe how great the food is,how easy it is to prepare and having my own consultant is just incredible. @jennycraigausnz has changed my life and I would recommend the @jennycraigausnz program to everyone. Join me on my @jennycraigausnz journey now. Visit @jennycraigausnz or now and check out the LINK IN BIO to see more about my weight loss journey. I hope I have given you all some inspiration and motivation no matter what your goals are.It can all be done,just don’t give up and keep believing.

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